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Accent Prime

Accent Prime is an innovative device known for its advanced laser technology designed to eliminate excess body fat, flabby skin and body and face modeling. This modern system is a combination of advanced technologies based on ultrasonic (US) and radio (RF) waves. The ultrasound used in this device uses cold and warm ultrasound technology. The patented cold ultrasound technology has a selective effect on fat cells without damaging the surrounding tissue. Cold ultrasound vibrations destroy the membrane of fat cells, causing them to gradually disintegrate and release the fat that remains in them. Destroyed fat cells are then excreted from the body through the lymphatic system.


Accent Prime also uses warm ultrasonic technology, which produces a compressed ultrasonic wave that stimulates high levels of cavitation - destroying local fat reserves with temperature. Radio waves used in this technology are effective in body modelling and cellulite removal. Radio waves heat collagen fibers up to 44 degrees C, which additionally results in the reconstruction of collagen and consequently improves the quality of skin without damaging the epidermis. Deep monitoring of subcutaneous fat heating, tissue tightening and blood circulation intensity enable the drainage of fat deposits through the lymphatic system, which reduces cellulite. The combined effect of ultrasonic waves and the synergistic effect of mono and bipolar waves gives highly effective treatment effects. The effects are visible already after the first treatment, however, for effectiveness and consolidation of the effect we recommend a series of treatments.


Indications for treatment:

  •  reduction of adipose tissue
  •  shape modelling,
  •  improvement of skin firmness on the body
  •  cellulite reduction
  •  reduction of stretch marks
  •  reduction of swelling
  •  improvement of face oval
  •  elimination of "hamsters"
  •  elimination of the second chin


Contraindications for treatment:

  •  pregnancy
  •  lactation
  •  cancers
  •  infections
  •  scars and other skin changes in the treatment area
  •  metal implants


Depending on the skin problem and its severity, approx. 4-8 treatments at intervals of about 8-10 days. The duration of the treatment varies from 30 minutes to 60 minutes depending on the batch and skin problems.