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Soprano Ice


- excessive hair

- ingrown hair

Contraindications for treatment :

- pregnancy and lactation period

- skin inflammation

- herpes

- genital herpes (important for intimate area depilation)

- cancers

- active skin infections

- epilepsy

- hypersensitivity to light

- albinism

- psoriasis

- diabetes

- sweat blockers (within the last 2 weeks)

- use of photosensitizers

- intensive sunbathing or solarium within the last two weeks

- isotretinoin (within the last 3-6 months)

- tretinoin (within the last 2 weeks)

- taking antidepressants, psychotropic drugs, steroids

- waxing, tweezers within the last 4 weeks

- tattooing at the place of treatment






Anagen is the active phase of hair growth. Only hair in this phase can be irreversibly damaged. The duration of the anagen is dependent on skin area, age, gender and hormonal function. The essence of the treatment is to change the light energy into heat, which effectively destroys the entire hair structure. On the head there is 85 - 90 % of hair in the anagen phase, while on the pubic hill only 20 - 30 %. The idea of the epilation treatment is to remove the hair structures responsible for its growth (matrix, papilla), and it is in this phase that we can do it.


Catagen. It's the transition time of the hair follicle. During which the hair pad disappears and is released from the papilla.

 Telogen - the resting period of the hair follicle. In this phase the hair is keratinized and does not grow. And underneath it is the next bundle of new hair. There is a loss of hair by "pushing" the old one out by the new one.

Treatment intervals : Face Every 4-6 weeks. Body Every 6-8 weeks. Average number of treatments is between 6-10.

Preparation for the treatment: The day before the planned treatment, we must shave the hair at the place of the treatment using a disposable razor. On the day of the treatment we do not apply any lotions or agents that may cause skin irritation On the day of the treatment we do not apply anti-prespirants to the armpit area Recommendations after the treatment: Do not sunbathe until 2 weeks after the treatment. We use cream with 50 SPF filter.

After the treatment, do not use the sauna and swimming pool for up to 72 hours. Do not use hot baths on the treatment day. Do not use on the skin preparations containing alcohol or spirit. After the treatment, delicate irritations, redness may appear, the skin may be dry, therefore it is necessary to use a moisturizing, lubricating and soothing cream, e. g. Bepanthen.

Appearance of the skin after the treatment: After the treatment, the skin may be reddened, irritated, periorbital inflammation may appear. Oedema and redness usually disappear just a few hours after the treatment. But sometimes it takes even a few days.

 Procedure: Before the first procedure, a consultation is carried out, during which the cosmetologist and the patient fill in the medical history, the indications and contraindications are discussed, as well as the entire procedure. If there are no contraindications, then a laser test is performed on a few areas of the body to check the reaction of the skin. If everything is correct we can perform the treatment after 24 hours.

The treatment time ranges from 15 to 60 minutes depending on the part.